CAFE IKARUS – Groovy Issues (WAV,FLAC,MP3)


The second new collaboration between Ikarus and acoustic guitar duo Cafe Duo.

Latin club vibes, two acoustic guitars – grab your Martini!

ZIP File contains:

WAV 44,1 khz 16 bit

WAV 48 khz 24 bit

FLAC 44,1 khz 16 bit


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Fifteen years ago Ikarus did a remix for acoustic guitar duo Café Duo called Spanish wind (Ikarus Remix)“.

This remix was a huge success worldwide released on many lounge compilations around the globe.

“Café Duo” made a break in their music career 2005 and reunited in 2016 and Ikarus & Café Duo decided to do another collaboration, but this time not just remixing a track but recording all the instruments in Ikarus own IkarusMusic studio with the finest gear.

Studio musicians like Peter Schönbauer (E.Bass – Julian Le Play, Waldeck, Conchita Wurst etc.), Gina Schwarz (Acoustic Bass – Jim Black, Andy Middleton, Diego Pinera etc. ) and vocalist Barbara Wieser joined the project resulting in two new tracks called “Knew” and “Groovy Issues“.

“Groovy Issues” features cool club vibes and the acoustic guitar work of Cafe Duo´s guitarist Michael Kaiser and acoustic bass by Gina Schwarz.

MUSIC WRITTEN BY Michael Kaiser/Wolfgang Stindl

TEMPO: 100 bpm

GUITARS: Michael Kaiser

A.BASS: Gina Schwarz


MIXED BY: Dietz Tinhof at Swoon Factory Music Studios Vienna

MASTERED BY: Martin Scheer



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